A new season is upon us, and so is a new chapter for this amazing couple. It's time for Ejay and Jess to announce their engagement with a fun filled fall photoshoot!

Happy Accidents

Along our photoshoot and park exploration we happened upon the sculpture of a "5". As chance would have it, it happens to be Ejay and Jess's five year anniversary this year! Of course we had to explore this opportunity.


Seriously, the below photo is my absolute favorite shot of the pack. I mean, I am usually one for bright colors. I really go for the deep greens and purples. However, this photo in black and white is just absolutely breathtaking! I have found that not many people appreciate black and white anymore but I love throwing in a few gems when I find them. You can't beat a timeless classic. While photo styles get popular and change, black and white is forever.

Capturing Movement

As this shoot went on you could see their comfort in front of the camera grew. Sometimes, the perfect shot isn't still, it's in the middle of movement. Even though they starting moving too fast for the light, I still think the piggy back ride is a great moment that captures their personality together as a couple. A great photo or moment in time isn't always "perfect".