Celebrating Family

When I caught wind that my aunt and her family haven't taken full family photos in several years, it was time to change that. She and her daughters had done an annual girls photo but not a full-family. We headed to a local nature center in town just before the golden hour to capture various shots. Even Tanzen (the dog) got to join the party! Funny thing, dogs are not allowed in nature centers so all the photos with this little stud were along the edge of the parking lot. All it takes is the right framing and great subjects to make a photo.

Family Portrait - Parents with three girls and the family dog.
Family Portrait - Mother with her three daughters.

We captured all the things. The ladies, individual, and I had a lot of fun with the siblings in getting them to strut around and interact with each other.

Family Portrait - Three sisters walking through the park.
Portrait Photography - Girl sitting on log in middle of the woods with bright fall colors.
Portrait Photography - Girl kneeling in greenery with her dog.
Portrait Photography - Girl sitting on unique tree branch surrounded by fall colors.
Family Portrait - Family during golden hour in the fall with lens flairs.

A Passion for Flare

For sun-flares that is. If you follow my page you know I love to make the light dance and finding a family and couple that is just as fun as the lighting makes for extra great images! Fun fact, I learned that this couple hasn't had solo photos together since their wedding day! This was an extra special moment to capture below, and my absolute favorite photo from the set!

P.S. Please print this photo, large, on the glass. The light dancing across the unique surface of the glass will just dance in your home radiating that feeling captured here.

Couple Portrait - Older couple looking into each others eyes with the sunset peeking through trees.